The Jean Wheeler Memorial Scholarship and Applications

The Jean Wheeler Memorial Scholarship was established to aid and assist an outstanding woman student (a senior) attending the Baton Rouge campus of either Louisiana State University, Southern University, or BR Community College in the completion of an undergraduate degree in Journalism/Mass Communication, Theater or a related field.

The following Rules and Regulations have been formulated to govern the awarding of the scholarship.

Name of the Scholarship and Background
"The Jean Wheeler Memorial Scholarship" is named in memory of Jean Wheeler, a well-known Baton Rouge television personality, actress and community leader, who died of illness in 1983. Wheeler was a founding member of the Baton Rouge chapter of American Women in Radio and Television (which evolved into Women In Media), and was twice president of the organization. The recipient of this scholarship should exhibit qualities of professionalism, personal integrity and concern for others-as Jean Wheeler did throughout her life.

Eligibility Requirements
1. You must be a woman enrolling as a full-time student on the Baton Rouge campus of either Louisiana State University, Southern University, or BR Community College pursuing an associates or bachelors degree.

2. Your major must be Journalism/Mass Communication; Theater; or a related media field.

3. You must have a minimum grade point average of 3.0 overall, and a minimum GPA of 3.0 in your major.

To Apply:
1. Each candidate must supply a completed application form. (Attached form may be duplicated as needed).

2. Each candidate must supply the selection committee with (1) one letter of recommendation from a faculty member.

3. Each candidate must submit a brief, informal essay explaining why she has chosen her particular career field and describing her career plans upon graduation. The essay should be short--about 250 words in length (not to exceed 500 words), and will be considered an indication of the student's communication skills.

Deadline for Entry:
Application materials must be addressed as indicated on the application form and postmarked no later than midnight on June 15, 2019.

Selection Process
The recipient will be selected by a committee consisting of the Women In Media Executive Committee and the Jean Wheeler Scholarship Selection committee. The judges will also name a first and second alternate, in the event the chosen recipient becomes ineligible.

Judging Considerations
First consideration will be given to those students who have successfully completed 12-15 hours in their major program and who will be graduating within two regular semesters from the time the award is made. Consideration will be given as to whether applications are received by the deadline and are complete in their components. Consideration may be given for evidence of financial need upon discretion of the judging committee.

Awarding of Scholarship
Final announcement of the award will be made by August. All applicants will be contacted by mail at that time.

Payment Schedule
The total amount of the scholarship is $1,000, to be split between the Fall semester of 2019 and the Spring semester of 2020. In August 2019, a check for the amount of the scholarship for the fall semester ($500) will be presented to the recipient upon verification of all eligibility requirements, including registration for the fall semester at the university listed on the application. A check for the remaining half ($500) of the total scholarship will be presented to the recipient upon verification of registration for the spring semester of 2020, providing all eligibility requirements for retaining the scholarship have been maintained. No awards are made for summer terms.

Retention of the Scholarship
The recipient may retain the scholarship for the full academic year for which it is awarded, with the stipulation that the recipient must maintain an outstanding academic and professional standing (detailed below) for the fall semester in order to receive the scholarship for the spring semester.

The scholarship will be withdrawn and any outstanding award withheld for any one of the following reasons:

1. Failure to maintain a 3.0 grade point average in her major field of study and an overall 3.0 grade point average for the fall semester.

2. Resignation from the university.

3. Disciplinary probation by the university.

4. Dropping to part-time status.

If for any reason the award is withdrawn from the recipient, any remaining fund for the award period will go to the first alternate with the same stipulations. If she is no longer eligible, it will go to the second alternate with the same stipulations.